Planned giving

MOA Private School exists and will prosper by means of the generous gifts of families and friends who believe in our purpose and desire the successful operation of the school. MOA, in a warm and caring environment, provides education that prepares students to succeed in a very competitive world. The past has been glorious. The present is wonderful. But there is no limit to what we can accomplish in the future through your participation and support of planned giving.

A key factor in determining how successful the future for MOA will be is simply a matter of finances. The school must have the funds to hire the most highly qualified teachers, to provide the latest technology in our equipment, to construct necessary buildings as we grow and to maintain the existing facilities and equipment. If these costs were to be required from tuition payments only, most families would not be able to afford a MOA.

An excellent solution to this problem is our planned giving program. By including our school in your long-range financial plans, you may be able to accomplish your personal financial goals, save on taxes and make a major difference in the future of education at MOA Private School. In addition to these advantages, by including MOA in your long-range financial planning, you will be qualified for membership in the Gift Fellowship.