Summer Camp 2019

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meadow oaks summer camp 2019

 DON'T MISS OUT ON SUMMER 2019 @ Meadow Oaks



Cost: $125.00 Time: 6:30AM -6:00 PM (Mon- Fri)

Hollywood is looking for their next big stars! Join us this summer and enter the world of show-stopping movies, musical numbers & daring drama.

Campers will work on their singing, acting, creating arts/crafts, learning behind-the-screen-science & dancing skills.

Week 1 and Week 2:  Lilo and Stitch Production

Week 3 and Week 4: Emperor’s New Groove Production

Week 5 and Week 6: Finding Nemo Production

Week 7 and Week 8: Wizard of Oz Production

Week 9Space Jam Production


special programs summer camp 2019

Special Programs Summer 2019 @ Meadow Oaks Mesquite

Cost: Varies                      Time: Varies  (See Below)

Course NameDescriptionMesquite DatesGreenville DatesAge
Microbot Programmingjavascript-editorMesquite on 06/10-06/14Greenville on 06/17-06/217-12
Messiest Art Camp Everkids-paintingMesquite on 06/03-06/07Greenville on 06/10-06/147-12
Lego Logo banner-lego1Mesquite on 06/17-06/21Greenville on 06/03-06/078-12
Lego Maniabanner-lego1Mesquite on 06/17-06/21Greenville on 06/03-06/075-7
Drone/Expert Lego WorkshopflybrixstillMesquite on 06/17-06/21Greenville on 06/03-06/0708-12
Adventure Class imagesMesquite on 06/17/-06/21Greenville on 07/22-07/265-7
Fashion Designer fashion designerMesquite on 06/17/-06/21Greenville on 07/22-07/268-12
Survival Tactics Camping-Survival-Kit-1024x538Mesquite on 06/24-06/29Greenville on 07/15-07/197-12
Early Bird Reading 17502Mesquite on 06/24-06/29Greenville on 07/15-07/195-7
Writing-Look at me  writingMesquite on 06/24-06/29Greenville on 06/10-06/148-12
Circus Art Camps circus arts finalMesquite on 07/15-07/19Greenville on 06/10-06/145-10
Create/ CR8 summer createMesquite on 07/15-07/19Greenville on 06/10-06/147-12





2019 summer Special programs dates

2019 summer Special programs List

Full Day Summer Camp 2019

Full Day Summer Camp 2019
Full Day Summer Camp 2019
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