Curriculum Components

Our curriculum is designed to aid in development of language, growth of vocabulary, increasing coordination, refining large and small motor skills, cognitive development and the  development of social skills.

Our activity areas include:

  •  Body Building: These activities offer opportunities to refine physical strength, coordination and awareness whether for a specific body part r the whole body.
  • Brain Power: These activities provide opportunities to develop toddlers beginning analytical abilities.  They promote understanding of cause and effect, sorting and grouping, problem solving, and other cognitive challenges.
  • Finger Plays: Hand gestures used with songs or poems promote toddlers comprehension of emergent forms and symbols.
  • Language Development: These activities go beyond naming objects and actions. They help toddlers develop vocal range, listening skills, and language understanding. They help toddlers begin to understand language and form a foundation for expressive communication.
  • Musical Exercises and Songs: As far as toddlers are concerned, everyone is a singer! Toddlers singing helps develop vocal range, expression, and speech.