Curriculum Components

    1. Alpha Time –  Phon ics of Letters A to Z.  We start with  easy consonants then we go to the vowel sounds, and then we concentrate on the  hard consonants.

      Consists of:

      • Video – Alpha time takes characters through Alpha Land  – a 30 minute  video.
      • Alpha Books – Books that are read to  the children during morning circle time to encourage  phonics   given during story time.                  
      • Alpha Time Songs – Phonetic songs that are sung  during every circle time and music time.
      • Little Book Series – A fun way of encouraging the  love of reading, used to  build confidence and creativity in books. We will read a new book every  two weeks.  They create the book and  decorate the book therefore they take ownership in the book. 
      • Creative Arts – An activity that is included into the Alphabet Letter  of the week.                           

*  activities are repeated every day

DLM – Daily Learning ModuleThematic units used to create conversation and creativity in learning  science, social studies, and math.  Each unit will have fun hands on learning activities taught through the five senses.

  1. DLM Express Math Computerized program used  to teach mathematical concepts at a child’s own  pace.  Always done with a manipulative to teach concepts  dimensionally.
  2. One Minute MathA one-minute math activity is done during circle time each day  to encourage mathematical learning.
  3. Letter Math Activities –A fun folder game that teaches matching, sequencing, patterning along with the  phonetic letter that is being taught.
  4. No Tears Writing – A fabulous writing curriculum used to make writing fun, while exercising the muscles  used in writing and using the correct vocabulary that makes this fun and exciting.
  5. High Tech Kids – Computer –A 30 minutes computer activity that encourages  the proper terms used for computer    parts  and proper use of the computer.  We do  fun activities that teach responsibility and encourage math and reading skills.
  6. MusicChildren  learn through songs, finger plays, chants and rhymes.  Example:  songs are used for transitions to learn  colors, days of the week, months of the year, Spanish numbers and colors,  weather, etc… This  list will continue to infinity songs make learning fun an exciting. The Letter  People sing their way through Letter   Land!! *Proverb:  Everything done in a rhyme saves time! 
  7. P.E.Daily  jumper activities that encourage crossing over mid-line in order to exercise their bodies and  brains.          
  8. NutritionWe encourage the children to eat healthy by offering  lots of fresh fruit and  vegetables.  We also like to eliminate  sugar products by replacing with  fresh fruits and vegetables.  With your help this will be a great  success. When possible our meals are  cooked from scratch. We have learned that through  studies done by Barbara Stitt that food affects the way our children behave and that natural organic foods are better for our children.
  9. WaterAs we all know water is good for us.  We  have a water filtering  system that allows fresh water in the rooms for more water breaks throughout the day.