Capital Gifts

From time to time our school will launch a major fund drive or capital campaign. These fund raising efforts have large financial goals and typically span several years. They are also in addition to all the other forms of giving which the school encourages. Capital campaigns will have large goals and specific purposes. For example, The Meadow Oaks Fund has a goal of $50 thousand. The money raised will be used for a building a library.

In order to reach the goal in a timely manner the school will need your substantial gift. This can take the form of a challenge gift if you are in a financial position to help lead the campaign. For example, you might decide to give $1000 dollar to match $1000 dollar which other donors give. As before, you need to work closely with the school in order to maximize the effectiveness of your leadership gift.

If you have done well and life has been good to you, remember where you got your start. Your alma mater deserves your support now more than ever. Your generosity could help put it on a more stable financial footing. Your thoughtfulness will help the school continue to shape and mold young people for years to come. Call your school today and set the wheels in motion.