K Grade


Open Court Reading: Open Court Reading focuses on the foundations of phonics, reading, writing, language and poetry. These include recognition of :

  • Long & short vowels and consonants
  • Blends
  • Reading stories
  • Sentences
  • Writing with capital letters and periods
  • Poetry that is explored and memorized
  • . Phonics and Phonemic awareness                                               2.
  • Open Court Phonics Program                                              3.
  • Take Home decodable Books                                                   4.
  • Ready Readers

Continual, systematic practice and review of key skills ensure mastery.

Everyday Math: Everyday Math in Kindergarten is an activity based program where the children understand many concepts such as:


  • Curriculum that incorporates Singapore Math
  • Counting
  • Skip counting
  • Place values
  • Money
  • Solving math word problems
  • Time
  • Calendar
  • Addition and Subtraction facts
  • Graphs
  • Measurements
  • Sorting

Children learn and practice all the basic facts in many different ways without having to complete an overwhelming number of drill pages. Kindergartners play mathematical games in which numbers are generated randomly by dice, dominoes, spinners or cards